I’ve been busy

I’ve been doing stuff, I just haven’t been taking enough time for the little people. You know, you guys. My fans. 

Sorry bout that.

Anyway, one particular little person, specifically the two legs little one, has been occupying a lot of my time. Who else is going to teach the little guy valuable life lessons? 

Screw this “Momma” and “Daddy” crap, the boy needs to be able to tell off anyone that interferes with his business! 

I do have to admit, the screaming is pretty intense and terrifying, but he does that sometimes when he’s hungry, or happy or mad or sometimes just for the hell of it and it really doesn’t even make any sense. But he should be channeling that power!

…and he needs to know how to ask for a beer! Not for himself, because that baby is a lightweight, even worse than his mother. One juice box and he’s CRUNK. But he needs to know how to order a cerveza for his Uncle Wally. For when those damn bartenders get all prejudice against cryptids and say they don’t serve stuffed animals at the bar.

Yes, it still happens, even in this day and age. I know. It’s sickening.

But, have his parents even tried to teach him the word “beer” yet?

Parents these days. Hmph.

So, Uncle Wally is helping out. 

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