Uncle Wally

Wally took the baby announcement pretty hard. We didn’t see him for almost a week afterward. He finally came home extremely hungover and smelling like a strip club so we can only guess what he’d been up to. 

Cornwallis, on the other hand, was ecstatic and immediately offered to help paint the nursery.

With time Wally seemed to warm up to the idea (perhaps he didn’t like being out manuevered by Cornwallis). Wally even consented to joining us at the hospital. 

Bun is still in the oven

Baby has exited through the gift shop

At first, Wally was totally oblivious to anything baby related. “So when is this stork guy showing up? Can you hurry him along? I’ve got a hot date, ahem, I mean, an important appointment this evening.”

Meanwhile, Cornwallis was trying to act as doula. He had to be escorted from the room to calm down after an argument with the nurse on how best to soothe labor pains.

Wally left to find the hospital bar.

A few hours later, an over caffeinated stuffed cryptid returned.

“Hey-you’re-still-pregnant? Couldn’t-find-the-bar-but-the-coffee-in-the-nurse’s-lounge-is-g-g-GREAT! You-sh<muffled>”

AJ stuffed him in her bag.

She finally let him out the next day, after the baby had arrived. The laptop battery was nearly dead with a lot of baby-related Google searches in the browser history.

Wally is now styling himself as”Ol’ Uncle Wally” and offering tons of unsolicited baby advice.

Just like everyone else…