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Lil’ Lope reporting in.  Hanging out at Yeyo’s with one of the two legs and she got horchata and I have found my people. It’s so good.  Can an animal have a spirit animal?  Mine is horchata.   In case you don’t know, horchata is a spiced rice milk beverage, served cold (at least at…


We tend to run in circles between doing a lot of traveling, doing a lot of creative maker things and brewing a lot of beer. The beer side is fondly called    ╬╝Brew  (pronounced Mu-Brew). We’re working on integrating it more in to the Jackalope side of things soon!

The Trainee

This year has been, in a word, hectic.  A few years back we decided to bring on a trainee. It took a lot longer than expected to find the right candidate but in January of this year we got notice that the vacancy would be filled, however there would be nine months lead time.  We…