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We tend to run in circles between doing a lot of traveling, doing a lot of creative maker things and brewing a lot of beer. The beer side is fondly called    ╬╝Brew  (pronounced Mu-Brew). We’re working on integrating it more in to the Jackalope side of things soon!


The people have actually been remembering to take me places again. But they stuck me in the flipping diaper bag. Does this look comfortable? Cuz it ain’t! We stopped in at New Province Brewing to try their Lavish IPA. Nice lavender aroma.

Beer Education

These humans I live with. I just don’t get it. First they decide to have a baby.  Didn’t even ask me what I thought about it. Just did it. And now this kid is seriously cramping my beer drinking style. They BARELY go out more than once or twice a week or so AND THEY…